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PAWmetto Animal Care Solutions welcomes you.

Animal Care SolutionsPAWmetto Sanitary Solution’s, Inc. mission is to improve animal environments by educating their caregivers and introducing products, tools and techniques to create a safer and healthier environment for the animals and their caregivers. 
We recognize that no two environments are the same and we therefore provide an individualized approach to enhance and develop protocols, improve processes, sanitation, odor control and the overall animal environment. We are focused on animal care solutions.

Animal Care Solutions

animal care solutions

Serving the Carolinas, we focus on:

  • Veterinarians
  • animal hospitals
  • equine facilities
  • zoos
  • stables
  • farms
  • educational institutions
  • and other disciplines devoted to animal care solutions and making their environment a better world.

Sick Puppy

Did you know that it costs the Animal Care Industry millions of dollars a year to treat and control the outbreak of infectious agents?